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Financial Security

Safety and security can mean a number of things. As above financial information is secured via a third party provider which is fully secure. Acre Farm does not have access to your financial information.

People Safety

In terms of people, places and products.  If you visit our farm, you need to observe health and safety considerations and requirements.  Our farm is a working place with multiple hazards. Entry into workshops or productions areas is prohibited unless accompanied and directed to do so.  We do have chemical, physical, noise and multiple hazards on site. Any visitors must report on arrival.

Product Safety

We have a range of products, some of which have substances that require special instructions or use.  We can provide a safety data sheet for our products and this is available at any time.  If you are unsure on how to use our products please discontinue use and seek advice from either us or a suitable professional.

PRIVACY You and Us

We are just like you, and everyone's privacy is very important to us. We don't share your information, details or anything about you.  We do keep records of who you are and what you ordered, so we can complete your order and keep track of what we do as a business but that's the extent of it.   For financial transactions we use a secure web based third party provider to complete any card transactions.  We do not store financial information. 

If you have any questions about your information just ask.

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